Psalm 46:5

63f2db3342a284c252e0bd4f5ea8d8b3 087044e807d66ceda835f1bd1848f044Dear Lord, with so many things on the horizon this fall, it’s easy to give into the temptation to feel despair. But, trusting that the Lord brought me this far on my journey, I have to believe that He will be in each moment, sustaining me, encouraging me, and giving me access to Him when discouragement or disappointment sets in. Thank you, God. Please forgive my doubts, and fill those empty spaces with a renewed commitment to trust and obey you, and to put Your ways (Your commandments) above my own (desires or ambitions). Don’t let me get caught up in petty competitions, or give in to frustration or anger. The responsibilities before me are heavy and require discipline and patience. But you have blessed me with them, in attempt to build my character and to serve You. Prepare my heart and guide my steps. Amen.


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