Stop Talking

For so much of my life, I have enjoyed being a chatterbox. Sometimes it was for attention, other times, I talked because I thought I had something important to say…ha! what a fool I was! Sometimes, I simply spoke to fill the silence. The last 6 months have been a refreshing change for me. A journey to learn to be still AND quiet. Listen, more than talk. Enjoy the moment(s). To many of my friends, this meant that something was wrong or that I was unhappy with them and retreating from them. (So not true!) I believe it was a season (and continues to be) time spent with the Lord, with more time praying and reading His Word. He (God) has been cultivating His multitude of truths in my heart. He’s been keen to teach me His ways are (and always will be) above my ways. I learn so much more being quiet and resting in His promises. Of course, a part of me has always known that this is true, but it’s only been lately that I put this truth into practice. Head knowledge does little for the soul and the mission if not lived out through our actions. I am far from being talk-free, (I don’t think that would be God’s intention of me either) but I am becoming increasingly mindful of the power of my words and the need to stop talking from time to time.




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